The Artiste

The world of Art Movin'Style

of Sandra Giuliani's Art Attitude lifestyle.

A talent acclaimed by the academic world of contemporary art.

Project after project, Sandra Giuliani is a listed artist and exports her talent.

Her works are exhibited in a number of galleries, the artist having realised her creativity since childhood, her style arouses the curiosity of an art praised by an artist always on the move.

An unclassifiable artist, recognisable by her technique of luminous materials and colours.

Sandra Giuliani creates her own style in a quest for truth, instinctively symbolising the complexity of life.

She translates the vibrant, permanent energy of the world around us, without our being aware of it or perceiving it.

It is creative, multiplying universes with curves and lifelines between the reality of the surface and the depths of the imagination...

Like a revelation, her works invite us to pause, to stop and contemplate beauty.

The symbol of life and movement.

Nothing stands still, everything evolves and changes. The elements are constantly interacting with each other. Like the moon during the tides, nature is in constant motion, driven by an invisible but very real energy.

It's this instinct for life that Sandra Giuliani reveals in her canvases, along with a unique artistic signature that she calls "spiritual-ideological-philo-art-attitude".

The shapes of her paintings intermingle in a rhythmic dance of gradations, luminous and bewitching. Each line is skilfully structured, measured and reflected, like a revelation of the mysteries of life.

Through her creations, you sense that the artist is guided by the light in a surprising freedom of expression. Sandra expresses feelings and sensations in her works, which stand on their own: naive, serious, funny, sensitive... It's like a conversation she's sharing with you.

She conveys emotions, the mystery of beauty and the diversity of life.

A design that mixes media and techniques in different areas of expertise.

Portrait of an Artist

 « I create paintings, photos and videos. I write, invent a design object or innovate a concept.

I like to embellish a place, a brand or a company with art custom at the customer's request.

I help with relationships, I look after the soul and body of a person, a child or an animal.

I'm in touch with the invisible, the felt, the spiritual and the magical.

I broaden my vision, dematerialising myself by listening to nature, light, the wind, space, the ocean, etc.

I observe, compare, learn, communicate, bear witness, pass on and share knowledge with others.

My DNA is philosophising, debating history from the past to the present day, and even forecasting the future.

So time dries the materials, in bright or pale colours, always revealing in the light or the dark the discovery, which is not the fruit of my opinion, but of the search for the truth, which helps us to understand why we are here.

The truth is not there to please us, but simply to help us understand the path we need to follow,

to undertake and pass on. Those who take the time to live out of love (self-giving) understand and give of their time to those who need and deserve it...

Reveal the facts, create metaphors about life to enhance the good in us, like a painter, draughtsman, author, actor or director, describing several lives through testimonials or my own experience, different universes where the soul and body wriggle and twist.

Sweating like a dancer, overcoming pain with my limbs and fingertips, deconstructing or shaping the subject.

Like a researcher analysing and deciphering the message or like a traveller discovering other horizons,

like an adventurer working for art, love and freedom.

Undertake and create in the spirit of Art Attitude ! »


Possibility of acquiring Giuliani's personal collection.

Unique paintings on canvas, medium, dibond, wood, Plexiglas and art paper.

Original works with certificate of authenticity at the artist's quoted price.

Also available for certain works, limited-edition reprographics on media

in the size of your choice.